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You are not alone. You are not paranoid. It seems like every politician has gone insane, as defined as "extreme foolishness or irrationality."

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Completely Insane

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    From The Insane Asylum | April 26, 2017

    Post Runner

    Post pages have a bottom runner linking to the Newest Mania, Alternative Reality, and Snowflake Central.

    New CSS 
    Added green_bold spans. This is a minor change but makes it easier to set bold areas in the text.

    Landing Page
    I rearranged the homepage page to show one post from The Asylum, the hottest posts, two posts from Alternative Reality, and two from Snowflake Central.

    Trump | the Number One Snowflake
    Congratulations Donald Trump. He has his own page on Insane Politics. The page branches off Snowflake Central.

    Ryan | the Number Two Snowflake
    Congratulations to Speaker Paul Ryan. While he may be three steps away from the Presidency, he's earned the number two spot for Snowflake Central. A dedicated page to his stories is available.

    Twitter Poll
    The sidebar on the landing page includes a twitter poll.

    Please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions to improve the site by posting a comment. 
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    From The Insane Asylum | April 24, 2017
    Two new pages were added today: alternative reality and snowflake central. Alternative Reality is for featured articles whereas snowflake central is focused completely on Donald Trump stories.

    The Asylum Page was redone today. The category "IP Announcements" is now loading only on the page. This should create a "blog style" entry for the page. 

    Major Topics
    A post may be created as a Link Post or a Topic Post. For example, this post is a Topic Post. It seems cleaner to add Topic Posts for major stories of the day and have new articles about that topic added as comments. This should alleviate some of the repetitive feel to the site.

    The Major Topic Posts will be categorized as featured and will show in the Alternative Reality page.

    After looking over the traffic for the past few days, it turns out there have been some articles viewed over 300 times in contrast to a majority of articles only viewed 5-10 times.

    HTTPS Protocol
    The Insane Politics site now loads under the HTTPS protocol. This feature was added by using the "flexible" SSL option in CloudFlare.  
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      Gracie The site is loading much faster!
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      Insane The site is looking better. The naming of the pages provides stronger branding.
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    New Edition: Feel The Bern:
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    From The Insane Asylum | April 25, 2017

    While showing this site to someone, they thought the area just below the header should be unique for each of the pages. After careful consideration (5.26 nanoseconds of micro thinking), the area was moved from the header and added to the top of each page.

    Snowflake central now carries an introduction to the term snowflake while the alternative reality explains the concept of mega-threads on major political topics. The Inmates page simply reminds us all that passion and respect can co-exist. The Asylum doesn't have an explanation - my mind is too exhausted to consider the possibilities. Maybe you have a suggestion. In which case, please post an idea. 

    Old Posts
    The original "blog" entries for April 10-24th are on a page and I'm trying to figure out how to add them back so that visitors have a complete history of the changes to this site.

    New Categories
    Several categories were renamed (to give a little flare) and new categories were added. For example, From Russia with Love discusses the Russian investigations happening in Congress and the Clinton Clan to discuss the constant reappearance of the Clintons. Foreign Follies was added to mark foreign policies -- or as Sean Spicer likes to call it "the emerging Trump Doctrine."

    Padded Rooms
    The word "Categories" in the main menu has been replaced with "Padded Rooms." 

    The new favicon is finally uploaded. 
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      CABerniecrat Snowflake central is awesome. Can you add a place for other snowflakes? The Clintons and their supporters, the Democratic Party supporters who deny the party does not protect the middle class, the John McCain crowd who tolerates his bouncing around from talk show to talk show, and the biggest snowflakes Paul Ryan and Republican Senator from the great state of Kentucky, Addison Mitchell "Mitch" McConnell Jr..
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    From The Insane Asylum | May 6, 2017
    Work continues on the footer, mainly a few more attempts to fixing the CSS.

    Added pages for Nancy Pelosi, Mike Pence, and Sean Spicer.

    Added Pundit Pedantry in the footer. Sean - the minister of misinformation - is the first link. 

    Added new poll for Snowflake Central. 

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      CABerniecrat The footer is much cleaner. The site is nearing 1000 posts! Sweet.